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    1. Ruth, I have tried many butters and a few milks. I have been unable to detect a difference between cheaper and more expensive butter. Including butter that costs $10/pound, presumably made from raw milk. I don’t make yogurt from raw milk. I make yogurt from DHA enriched organic milk.

  1. Seth, I started taking 260g of magnesium in form of magnesium glycinate and this works wonders too, my mood improved clearly. Do you supplement magnesium too? It would be interesting to evaluate.

    Now, I was thinking: maybe flaxseed oil is more effective than fish oil to improve cognitive function, not because ALA conversion to EPA and DHA, but mainly because ALA and EPA conversion uses elongase fatty acids, thus reducing elongase fatty acids available, needed to LA conversion into arachidonic acid, wich could increase inflammation. What do you think about it?

    Very nice blog 🙂

    1. That magnesium effect is fascinating. I do not take magnesium but I will try it.

      It’s not “elongase fatty acids” but “fatty acids elongase” (an enzyme that elongates fatty acids). Your idea makes sense to me but I cannot judge how plausible it is.

  2. another by Dr. Eades (scroll down to magnesium section):


  3. Flax seeds two tbsp (around 30 gram), making ground in grinder, mix with appropriate yogurt, that is the way to go

    I feel awesome after that, lots of energy and awesome mood.

    But indeed flax seed alone doesn’t do that much,

    Yogurt boosts Flax seed job?

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