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  • Edward Jay Epstein on Kindle publishing
  • review of The Beekeeper’s Lament, a book about the fragility of bees. “Colony Collapse Disorder [CCD] is a problem. But it isn’t the problem. Instead, it’s just a great big insult piled on top of an already rising injury rate. Saving the honeybee isn’t just about figuring out CCD. Bees were already in trouble before that came along.”
  • Vanity Fair provides a public service by providing full access to the final installment of Michael Lewis’s great series of Financial Disaster Travel Writing. Earlier installments were about Iceland, Ireland, and Greece. This installment is about Germany.

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  1. According to a beekeeper the CCD problem is mainly caused by beekeepers themselv:
    Beekeepers tended to be annoyd by some sticky stuff bees produce and for decades breeded bees which produced less of this sticky stuff.
    Problem is, this sticky stuff (called propolis) is important to bee health and by breeding this out of the bees they made them more suspectible to health problems, which ‘assisted’ in CCDs.

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