At the Ancestral Health Symposium

I am in Los Angeles for the Ancestral Health Symposium. I am giving a talk called “What Foods Make My Brain Work Best?” Readers of this blog won’t be surprised: I will talk about flaxseed oil, pork fat, and butter. On Thursday, there was a party at Aaron Blaisdell’s house for presenters and volunteers. It was kind of magical to see at the same party Mark Cohen, Gary Taubes, Denise Minger, Mark Sisson, Jimmy Moore, Boyd Eaton, Loren Cordain, Chris Masterjohn, and Tucker Max. Plus others, such as Staffan Lindeberg, whom I didn’t manage to meet. More like an historical tableau in a mural or tapestry than an actual event.

There was more meat than any other party I’ve ever been to. Grilled outside. Mostly steak but also boar and salmon. It was delicious. I wish I knew the name of the grillmaster so I could thank him.

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  1. The steaks were grass fed, donated by US Wellness meats. The chef is Christian Page. Richard Nikoley (free the animal blog), Stephan Guyenet (whole health source blog), Dr. BG (animal pharm blog), Emily Deans (evolutionary psychiatry blog), Jamie Scott (that paleo guy blog), John Durant (hunt gather blog), Melissa Mccewan (hunt gather love blog), Don Matez (primal wisdom blog), Robb Wolf (paleo solution), Mat Lalond (aka the Kraken), and Craig Stanford were there as well.

  2. So all beef is grass fed for a while at least. Grass _finished_ beef is quite pricey, so if you were getting that then you had some very generous patrons. When I buy grass finished beef, the poor clerks think they made a mistake when they see the total.


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