6 Replies to “Ancient Wisdom: Butter is Brain Food”

  1. Seth, was kind of butter was it? What are some of your thoughts as to why butter is effective? Have you tried suet or tallow?

  2. I have tried eating more butter but I have found that it increases my weight dramatically. I have been wondering for a while what your experience and thoughts are on this since you eat huge amounts of it.

    By the way, thank you for all the effort that you put into this site. It has been a steady source of interesting information.

    1. When I started eating lots of butter, I lost weight. After several months, I started gaining weight. Then I switched to eating the butter nose-clipped. Then I started losing weight. All this is consistent with the theory behind the Shangri-La Diet, which predicts new foods and foods without smell (which have weak or no smell-calorie associations) cause weight loss compared to familiar foods (which have strong smell-calorie associations). I suggest you eat the butter nose-clipped.

  3. Seth, I’ve been eating coconut fat nose-clipped, but I can still taste it a little bit when I remove the clip, even if I drink a glass of water first. How sensitive is the system that associates smells with calories?

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