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  1. Happy for Dennis. I am sure though that the Paleo diet is not optimal for everyone. It is a very seductive narrative that our ancestors ate such and such and that that is the way we should eat. However, leaking through the cracks over on PaleoHacks are stories of people not doing that well on Paleo. I already ate pretty well before trying Paleo (I’ve been doing it for a few months now, though I am starting to abandon it now) and the results have been pretty dismal. Reduced libido, reduced muscle mass, chapped lips, more sensitive to stress, poor sleep.

  2. Thomas, thanks. Information about failures of various techniques intended to improve quality of life can be hard to find.


    Supposing that low cholesterol levels are bad for people and those low levels aren’t caused by drugs, what can people with low cholesterol do about it?

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