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  1. The article on China is wishful thinking on the part of the writer. If draconian dialectics were in play, then there should have been a revolution ( a real one, not the “Cultural Revolution”) during the 1960s when things were MUCH more repressive than they are today. Of course, there is the phenomenon of “rising expectations” that may seal the CPC’s fate.

    Paradoxically, it is the capitalists of the world who don’t really want to see a change in China. They like the cheap labor and absence of independent trade unions.

    1. Thomas, if I were a CCP official, the last people in the world I would want to piss off would be Beijing University students. This is not rocket science. Yet look what they did . . . CCP officials know something important I don’t.

  2. Exactly the question. Will the connection between clumsy controlling of the past and Mao’s “power out of the barrel of a gun” be enough to save totalitarian government?

    Not a betting man, but my guess would no, but a lot of dead people in getting there.

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