Miso Bar

At a hotel buffet restaurant near Tsinghua I had fermented food in a form new to me: a miso-soup “bar”. You serve yourself from a tureen of miso soup and have a wide choice of add-ons: carrot, turnip, tofu, pickled ginger, green onion, Japanese pickle. Adding color, visual diversity, crunch, and DIY to the soup makes it taste much better — and it already tastes really good.

If I made a scatterplot of all the foods I can make, with difficulty on one axis and deliciousness on the other, this would be a bivariate outlier: very easy and very delicious.

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  1. hi.
    Can I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil? I don’t see anything in the market about ELOO…what portion do you suggest should I ingest? Can I do the whole tablespoon too?


  2. Tin, yes you can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil but you must keep your nose closed while you drink it (e.g., with swimmer’s nose clips). You can find out much more about how to do the diet at the Shangri-La Diet forums (boards.sethroberts.net).

  3. Doesn’t high-degree cooking destroy the beneficial organisms in miso? For health benefits I *believe* you should add the miso at the end when you take the soup off of the stove. For that reason, I would think eating soup from a buffet or restaurant where the miso is kept hot all the time would not be beneficial. A lot of the miso here in the United States is pasteurized which, I would think, would destroy many of the benefits.

    I am not sure about the above, so if anybody would like to correct me, please do so.

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