More Email From Egypt

My former student writes:

A lot of people here now are calling for a return to normalcy and peace! A fair number of people are beginning to blame the protestors for all the chaos and the fact that we can’t go out and we can’t go to work and Egypt is burning and we can’t order food from restaurants anymore! I think they are the same people who didn’t really support the protestors in the first place though- so we’re still safe- they’re not growing. Unfortunately many of my family members are among those- they just want to go back to work and they’re worried about money and they think we have gained enough concessions. They think the sacrifice is too big.

At the same time, there are maybe a hundred thousand or more protestors in the square right now, peacefully standing and holding signs for the president to step down. And more keep pouring in. My cousin Akram is getting ready to go meet my cousin Khaled and about 20 of his friends to go to the square. Aunt Magda is angry with Akram and telling him that he won’t set foot out of the house but actually he is tying his shoelaces now….. The Friday prayer ended about an hour ago so now is the time when most people will be arriving there or on their way. My cousin Karim actually went back to work at Vodafone today after 4 or so days off because of the revolt.

I have promised everyone that I wouldn’t go out today because of all the anti-foreign sentiment. There have been steady streams of emails about foreigners being detained, politely, and spoken to and then released after some time. But there are people calling the news stations in angry about Obama’s order for the president to step down. One woman asked, “Can any country accept an order for their president to step down?” There is a lot of hostility towards America right now and I don’t think the US can win no matter what they do. People criticizing the states for not making a strong enough statement requiring Mubarak’s departure, others angry that America would order the president of another country to step down, some angry about all of the past support, and others angry that America would meddle at all…

We haven’t seen any violence in the square so far today as there was on Wednesday and Thursday, just a massive sea of anti-mubarak protestors. We haven’t seen much of the pro-mubarak supporters today- it seems that they have been hugely overtaken.  I really hope it stays peaceful but a lot of people are going out angry today because of the attacks on the peaceful anti-mubarak supporters of the last two days. Many see it as an obligation to go out now and defend those who have been attacked. I am really proud of all those people brave enough to go out…

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  1. My feeling is that the protestors need to take action. I mean, agressive action. They need to win over the army to their cause and forcefully run Mubarak out of the country. I know that’s not going to please mealy-mouthed journalists who can only support them as long as they join hands and sing kumbaya; however, this is a war of attrition. People will start to get tired of being in the streets and that is what Mubarak is hoping for. He can stay holed up in his palatial digs, eating caviar for a long time.

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