Email From Egypt

One of my students is in Egypt. She writes:

I may be leaving here soon. Two of the foreigners here that I know that were in the protests have been arrested by the army and taken to a military academy- they were able to contact the German embassy as they are German and the embassy came to take them and keep them safe in a hostel until they are able to leave the country. People are beginning not to trust any foreigners here, not only journalists, and have begun to say that foreigners are spies stirring up trouble on behalf of foreign governments. The German girl that I went to the demonstrations with saw her own Egyptian neighbor talking to the army officers about her and her landlord and her roommates while she was being detained. Of course all journalists are being attacked right now. And the mood has just become very hostile towards foreigners. We are getting reports on a mailing list called Cairo Scholars (for foreigners living in Cairo) of all different types of incidents directed at foreigners here.