“Reading Seth Roberts Puts Me to Sleep”

… is the charming title of this post by Adam Stoffa. Actually, reading me keeps him asleep. Adam read my long self-experimentation paper and came across my discovery that skipping breakfast reduced early awakening. He had early awakening:

I would wake up sometime between 0400 and 0430. Six hours of sleep was not good.  This was a problem that needed my attention.

Like me, he was eating breakfast around 7 am and waking up three hours earlier. He ate a big breakfast. He decided to make breakfast later rather than skip it.

I started experimenting with a late breakfast in August.  I was traveling through multiple time zones at the time.  So I had no idea whether it was working. But by the time I got back to Korea, eating a late breakfast was becoming a habit.

After recovering from my jet lag, I noticed that the experiment was working. Now, I wake up and get out of bed between 0600 and 0615. Sometimes, I still wake up in the middle of the night, but after a quick bathroom break, I’m right back to sleep.  I get to work at 0800.  After working for an hour, I take a break and eat (e.g. 3 hard boiled eggs, +/- a cup of cashews or macadamia nuts, and a smoothie). This regiment has been working well for eight weeks and shows no signs of weakening.


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