Shangri-La Diet Uptick

During the last half of 2010, I noticed today, hits at the Shangri-La Diet forums steadily increased. The number of hits went from about 300,000 in July to about 500,000 in December.

Before that the number of hits had steadily declined from a high of about 900,000 in August 2009. The number of hits had tended to be higher in the summer so the recent increase is counter-seasonal.

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  1. i think that’s great.

    seth, i have always had a really hard time navigating those forums. it’s also been hard to find a clear, succinct HOW TO / WHY description of the diet that i can tell people about. even sorting by date doesn’t work well — it seems to sort by alphabetical month for example.

    you might try invision boards as a better alternative?

    (it worked for me — i lost 20 pounds in the first half of last year with virtually no effort on the diet after losing 10 the previous year with huge effort, and i have kept it off — i may try for another 10 at some point, but i’m pretty happy with where i am.)

  2. NYT had an article having to do with weight loss a month or two ago. One of the commentors mentioned the Shangra-La diet. I imagine a lot of people googled and found out about it–I know I did. And my goodness, it does work!

  3. Probably thanks to the release of “The 4 Hour Body”. That’s how I found my way to Shangri-La! Really glad I did – I think it will complement the Slow Carb diet very well.

  4. Just one day on the diet but am amazed how my hunger was diminished. I’m going to use Shangri La in conjunction with Dukan since I’ve been eating way too much at night on Dukan (even though I’m eating low -carb). For those days on Dukan where I can restrict my calories somewhat, my results have definitely been better. So I have great hopes if things continue to work as they have on this first day.
    I’ve got an order in for the Shangri La book. Least I can do for what seems like a great idea. Think it is unfair for some to ask you to put your book online (ie. more specific info and details about the diet) when you aren’t even charging for web access. What do some expect you to do, give everything away for free? Is that what they do with their businesses?

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