Assorted Links

  • Toads predict an earthquake. The clueless comments are amusing.
  • The prize for lifetime achievement in public relations goes to . . . the Bank of Sweden
  • Plagiarism Today (a website)
  • “There are indeed significant regional variations in expenditures on medical services, unexplained by differences in medical need or health outcomes, but correlated with the numbers of specialist physicians and the availability of hospital beds in each area.” Skip Part 1 of this review.

9 Replies to “Assorted Links”

  1. In my feedreader (google reader) your posts has a lot of cialis keywords and spam links inside it. Either your feed has been hacked, or google reader (or someone in between).
    You might want to check your site for intrusion.

  2. Seth, your RSS feed appears to be hijacked somehow. When I subscribe to it either with Google Reader or as a Google widget, all the article titles are changed to “Cialis” or “Viagra”, with links to Viagra added at the bottom of each article.

  3. Have you been hacked somehow, or have I? I read your blog through Google Reader, and the title of this post (on Google Reader at least) has been replaced with the name of a certain drug used to treat erectile disfunction. The name of said drug is also scattered four times in bold throughout the text.

    In fact, looking at your feed I now see that the titles of the last ten posts or so have been replaced with the names of different erectile disfunction drugs.

  4. Yes, I’ve noticed what John S. is talking about too, for a few days now. I used a firefox add-on to create a fake email address for this comment because I don’t trust that my real email wouldn’t wind up in the hands of spammers.
    Yesterday I searched for an older post on different yogurt incubation times and your Google search results are full of the same words too.

  5. On the toad article, I can see that Karl’s suggestion about inducing earthquakes is stupid but I don’t see what’s stupid or ‘clueless’ about Friedemann Freund’s comment – can you clue me in?

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