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  1. Night guards don’t prevent grinding, and they only barely protect your teeth. In addition, my experience says that wearing a night guard encourages stronger grinding (because it’s less uncomfortable to grind), which would be even more true of the drug store variety (which are softer).

    For a lot more information on the frustratingly bad state of understanding of bruxism, see here: http://www.is.wayne.edu/mnissani/bruxnet/advice.htm

    Unfortunately, there’s not a good community now for people with the problem, and that page is old, so nobody (at least, nobody I know of) is pushing forward our understanding.

  2. American life expectancy is notably lower than British: I’ve often wondered if Americans are paying for their obsession with dentistry.

  3. The NTI device is a type of night guard that is worn on the front teeth only. It was approved by the FDA in 2001 for migraine prevention.

    I never had migraines but I purchased it because I wanted a hard plastic night guard that would leach less toxins. I have used it every night for over three years and don’t even notice it.


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