Crazy Spicing Ice Cream

Unfamiliar foods cause weight loss, says the theory behind the Shangri-La Diet. If you add enough spices to a food, it will become unfamiliar.An ice cream store in San Francisco called Humphrey Slocombe has some of the world’s strangest flavors, likely to be unfamiliar until you eat them many times.

Their flavors include Eight Ball Stout, Pink Grapefruit Tarragon, Carrot Mango, Russian Imperial Stout, White Chocolate Lavender. Here’s what happened when the owners ate a lot of them:

In the store’s first few months, Godby and his business partner, Sean Vahey, scooped from noon to 9 each night, ate nothing but ice cream, traded the leftover brownies for cocktails at a dive bar called Dirty Thieves and still lost weight. Since then they’ve hired eight employees and — hazard of the job — each gained back the 10 pounds they’d lost.

Thanks to Alex Chernavsky.

6 Replies to “Crazy Spicing Ice Cream”

  1. that’s great. now wouldn’t it be nice if they had a weekly special — something new and completely unfamiliar every week?

  2. My favorite flavor there is Peanut Butter Curry. I find it incredible how they blend flavors so you get one predominant taste at the beginning and then it morphs into the other taste that you finish with. Genius!

  3. One of my friends found that adding ice cream (ordinary flavors) to his diet caused him to lose weight. His theory was that the extra calories convinced his body that the food supply was so secure that he didn’t need to store fat. However, his cholesterol went up so much that he stopped the extra ice cream.

  4. “How exactly do we reconcile the shangri-la theory with Paleolithic nutrition?”

    I eat a fair bit of wild food, and it is is far less uniform than farmed food, partly because you eat a wider variety of animals and plants, partly because the animals and plants are themselves less uniform.

  5. I agree with Donald. The theory behind the Shangri-La Diet says that obesity is due to eating foods whose flavor is too uniform. Too little variation from one instance to the next. Quality control is making us fat, in other words.

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