Assorted Links

  • Vision therapy
  • Omega-3 and brain health. “Participants were 280 community volunteers between 35 and 54 y of age, free of major neuropsychiatric disorders, and not taking fish oil supplements. . . Five major dimensions of cognitive functioning were assessed . . . Among the 3 key (n-3) [poly-unsaturated fatty acids], only DHA [was] associated with major aspects of cognitive performance.”
  • The rise and fall of Beijing restaurants

Thanks to Steve Hansen, Tim Lundeen, and Eric Meltzer.

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  1. Hi Seth,
    I was curious what you might think about this article ( which argues that the American appetite is becoming spicier as the large, aging Boomer generation “are losing their ability to taste — and turning to spicier, higher-flavor foods to overcome their dulled senses.” Are people mistaking spicyness for complexity, or are complex flavors like umami also affected by an aging person’s gradual loss of tastebuds?



  2. Mara, the article sounds reasonable. But the whole fancy food industry is booming, not just the spicy portion of it. Sushi, for example, is far more popular now than 20 years ago. Making a new spicy food is much easier than making a new bland food.

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