Why Are Volcano Jokes So Bad?

You may remember What does NASA stand for? Need Additional Six Astronauts. This circulated after the Challenger blew up. In contrast, the volcano jokes I’ve heard are curiously bad:

6. Dear Iceland, We said send cash, not ash.

7. Woke this morning to find every surface in the house covered in a layer of dust and a foul stench of sulphur in the air…. Yes, I’ve been married to that bone-idle slob for 20 years.

8. It was the last wish of the Icelandic economy that its ashes were spread all over Europe.

9. There’s no pleasing the English. The last time they got the Ashes they were over the moon.

10. Went outside today and got hit by a bag of frozen sausages, a chocolate gateau and some fish fingers. Someone said it’s a fallout from Iceland.

6 Replies to “Why Are Volcano Jokes So Bad?”

  1. I’d rather see bad jokes and no death. The NASA joke got some revival when K.C, Rick, Dave, Will, Laurel passed away in ’03.

    It’s funny nobody made a reference to the fact that the ashes might be a by-product of the fake money the Icelandic banks generated in the last crisis.


  2. For number 10, you need to understand that Iceland is the name of a supermarket in the UK which specialises in frozen food.

  3. Given how deeply Icelanders were involved in the speculative excess of the 2000s and given how badly the collapse has hit them, I find 8 hauntingly hilarious.

  4. Wait – first they declare bankrupcy. Then, they set fire to their own island. Insurance scam?

    (from the same place I saw the other ones first…)

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