Two Months on the Shangri-La Diet

Good results.

In 2 months I’ve lost 13 pounds . . .  I have even skipped days due to a hectic work schedule. . . .

I was stopped outside church on Sunday by someone who had noticed the weight loss and wanted to know how I did it. I have still yet to convince my fiercest critic – my loving wife, but at least she’s stopped calling it a placebo!

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  1. me: three and a half months, down 13 pounds or so.

    i don’t have a snazzy graph like the above, but it would look similar albeit with a less pronounced slope.

    people are starting to ask questions. is there a good starting point online where i can send people for information?

  2. Wait a minute, I thought you were the Shangri-La guy. Didn’t you develop and have great success with the Shangri-La diet several years ago? Didn’t I read somewhere you attained your ideal weight, but still took a maintenance dose of flaxseed oil?

  3. I believe Seth is quoting someone else’s success on the diet.

    I joined Weight Watchers a few years ago and lost 10-15 pounds the first two months, eventually taking off 45 pounds or so. Kept it off too for a couple years. I’m not sure many Shangri-La-ers have such good results. But my case was exceptional for WW.

    I had tried Shangri-La the year before (even bought the book) but it didn’t do much for me, and I felt nauseous drinking the oil. Personally I suspect that’s how it works, for the people it works for.

  4. Good job! Your ability to get results puts you in a rare class.

    However, I feel that your data is undercut by the quality of the graph you use. The lowest point your graph can represent is 210; it’s impossible to represent zero. For anyone familiar with graphs, it seems like you are adjusting your scale to dramatize the change.

    This wouldn’t be fair to you, and I’m sure you didn’t intend it. It’s a problem common enough for Edward Tufte to discuss it. Here’s a brief explanation:

    You also see this whenever financial news programs swoosh a new chart onto the screen; it drives me crazy!

  5. @Sam,

    I think you’re misapplying that idea. The point of the graph is to clearly show the changes occurring.

    At the very least, using 0 lbs as a base line would be odd – no one is going to go to 0 lbs. Maybe 175 lbs or something (or whatever the desired weight is for the person).

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