Success with the GAPS Diet

Darrin Thompson writes:

Thanks for the pointer awhile back to the GAPS diet. It caught my eye and my wife and I implemented it for us and our autism kids. After about a month we are experiencing marked reductions in psoriasis and allergy symptoms. Our 3 autism kids are [now] doing well with no huge barrages of expensive vitamin supplements. We’re keeping up only with Vitamin E, DHA and eventually selenium. We’re noticing improvements in their communication skills.

2 Replies to “Success with the GAPS Diet”

  1. I have had severe digestive problems with food ever since I had a breakdown 3 years ago. I was also suffering from TMJ which had not been diagnosed & was taking aspirin every 2 hours from months for the pain. Before this I had celiac disease, was lactose intollerant, and also stayed away from corn, but I was doing quite well. After this, many of the things I could eat before, including a little tomato began to really upset my stomach. I started the Intro diet with 1 tsp of saurkraut juice (and have been taking a probiotic before I started) for 3 days & now my stomach feels on fire. I haven’t done any of the rest of the diet (the bone broth). Also I have quite a rash. SHould I cut the saurkraut juice to 1/4 tsp. or stop for a bit?

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