Terrible Dreamhost Support

Don’t ever use Dreamhost to host your website. I’ve had trouble with them in the past but the current problem is way over the top.

The Shangri-La Diet forums were hacked. A file was replaced and caused the forums to malfunction. It was easy to figure out what happened. To fix it, I merely needed to replace the two bad files with the correct ones.

And I had a recent backup. No problem, right?

Yet I have now exchanged six emails with Dreamhost Customer Support and have yet to figure out how to use the backup they automatically made for me and which I downloaded. I suggested that I send them the backup so they could figure out how to use it and in response they said I should make another backup! They would work with that one! They’re willing to work with a backup I don’t want but not with one I do! Ridiculous.

More No wonder I couldn’t extract the file I wanted. It wasn’t there! And the tech support people had — judging from their emails to me — no idea this was possible!

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  1. Next time they say the word “backup”, say “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  2. Seth, when I Google the words “seth roberts blog” (minus the quotes), the third link on the results page has this heading: “BUY CIALIS 40 MG ONLINE | BUY CIALIS® Without Prescription | #1 .” Strangely, though, it takes me to your site, which seems to be OK.

  3. Seth, I also use an SMF forum for my “Getting Stronger” blog, but it is hosted by SiteGround. By coincidence, I also had my forum hacked on Thursday, and it crashed! It was being overrun by spambots (computer generated spam) from Russia and China, posting Viagra ads and the like. I thought I was getting good traffic this weeks, but it was the spambots. I contacted SiteGround and they fixed the problem immediately. I found their service is terrific. You don’t get to talk to humans (except their sales department), but they have you post tickets on their site, and I got immediate response, within 15 minutes. They rebuilt my site completely from backups. I’m very satisfied. (Incidentally, I’ve altered my registration procedure to require reading of more difficult letter patterns, and confirmation by e-mail. So far, no more spambots.

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