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  • the I Practice My Own Methods Developed From Self-Experimentation group. Which, when this was written, had one member. She has Parkinson’s Disease and found that yoga helps. “I started watching yoga on tv because [my husband] had the tv on and he likes to watch attractive women expressing themselves physically.”
  • umami basics. “Maturation increases the content of umami.”
  • reasonable talk about addiction by Gabor Mate, a Vancouver doctor. “The first time I took heroin, it felt like a warm soft hug.” Mate says his addiction to classical CDs was like a heroin addiction. Sure, you laugh, he says, and goes on to say that one weekend he spent $8,000 on classical CDs, that his wife could tell when he’d been classical-CD shopping, and he once neglected a woman in labor (he was an obstetrician) because he was buying classical CDs. “In effect, our system punishes and prosecutes people for having been abused in the first place.”

Thanks to Bob Levinson.

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  1. Interesting about addiction to classical CDs. I like ’em myself, but I probably haven’t spent $8000 in my entire life on them.

    Anyway, apparently the vast majority of classical CD collectors are men, though why that should be I don’t know. Women collect certain things, dolls or whatever, plus classical music in today’s culture is not considered the most masculine of areas. I have a theory about stamp and coin collecting, namely that their appeal lies in the fact that these items are “official”, that is they are products of governments and thus might appear to a certain mindset as being somehow more real, in perhaps a Platonic sense. Notice how so many collectible items are “official”, easily identifiable products of corporate entities.

    Maybe classical CDs are similar in that classical is considered the summit of music, therefore “official”, and collecting classical CDs gives a kind of security to those with a certain mindset.

    Sorry, way out in left field, and not totally relevant.

  2. I like the yoga quote. At my work, we participated in a program where a personal trainer would come and lead an exercise group. This took place every week. Almost every time, there would be all us ladies exercising and only some men, but every time, there were a lot of my male coworkers there and they would just watch and make comments. These guys wouldn’t even exercise, even if the trainer would try to motivate them! At the time I didn’t understand why they would do this, but now I know!!

    Very funny!!

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