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  1. About titles, I have a rule: Never buy a book with a whole sentence for a title. I’ve thought about why the rule works well, and I think it comes down to that the author doesn’t think we’ll read the book, and is trying to get the story into the part we can’t avoid reading. But if so, then (1) the author didn’t have much to say, and (2) I already read the important part.

    That rule wouldn’t make a good title.

    About “The IPCC under Siege”: The IPCC isn’t the evidence. The IPCC doesn’t do science; they just write summaries. What made an impression on me was the enormous number of contentless and actually false or deliberately misleading comments following the posting. All of the worst liars were arguing against acting on AGW. When so many, many people offer nothing but lies to persuade you to their side, it is much easier to pick which side is right. The IPCC reports are big and contain errors, but the errors are necessarily rare exceptions. It’s hard to pick out a single reliable fact from the opposition.

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