Sometimes Black Really Is White

Jenny Holzer, the artist, says, “I get up about four times a night and go back to sleep, or not.” I suspect she’s not eating enough animal fat. At my local Beijing supermarket yesterday, I asked a butcher to cut the meat off a piece of pork fat. Reverse trimming. At the moment, I think about 180 g of animal fat/day is a good dose. I’m much less concerned about amount of meat. Another instance, I thought to myself, where I want the opposite of everyone else. But that’s far more true in America than here. In China but not America, I can buy pork belly at any supermarket; in China but not America, there is vast selection of pickles and yogurt at any supermarket.

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  1. Sleep apnea could cause someone to wake several times a night. That was my experience and I believe it is common. I now use a cpap and sleep soundly all night long.

  2. David, if by “just fine” you mean “as well as possible” I am much less sure than you that that’s the case. Sleep disorders are common in America. And I didn’t have a sleep disorder. I slept through the night without waking up. Animal fat made me feel more rested when I awoke.

    CD, I don’t grasp the difference between 180 grams in weight and 180 grams of fat. The fat weighs 180 grams. I weigh it.

  3. Ever since I was diagnosed with ALS this past summer, I have lived in Oppositeland too. Turns out ALS survival is maximized with a high fat, high cholesterol, high calorie diet – exactly the opposite of what is (said to be) good for everyone else. So I’m putting butter on everything and having ice cream every day. I’m not a meat lover but I’ve been trying to eat bacon and sausage regularly, for my health. Unfortunately lately my appetite has been diminished, probably a side effect of the nerve damage, so the gluttony has not been quite as enjoyable as it was a few months ago.

  4. Hal,
    You have simply become ketone adapted because of your high calorie, high fat, high cholesterol diet…thus your desire to eat has diminished.
    You must try a burger that is 50% saturated fat. Get the 75/25 at your supermarket/butcher and get some pure gound fat and mix the burger and the fat together. It has a most wonderful, delicious flavor when cooked by itself or cooked in coconut oil.
    And eating meat and fat and eggs fried in butter or coconut oil is not gluttonous. It is the most healthy diet you can eat.
    Eating carbs…especially wheat products…is like eating poison….as is eating anything with sugar in it.
    Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Dr Lustig, Obese pediatrican, UCSF
    Exception: salads with Olive oil & vinegar and green veggies with lots of melted butter.

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