The Most Promising Solutions to the Allergy Epidemic

At a charity dinner in New York City to benefit the Food Allergy Institute, the president of the Institute told the guests that

Several promising treatments [were] in the works, including a Chinese herbal therapy being developed by the prominent allergist Dr. Hugh Sampson of Mt. Sinai (ready as soon as 2011) and a parasite “similar to those found in the stomachs of most citizens in developing countries,” which could someday be introduced into imperiled Upper East Side intestines, the theory being that “in the developed world, we live in too clean of an environment, so our immune system has nothing familiar to attack.”

Gatekeeper syndrome. How dare they not read this blog!

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  1. Hey Seth, can you do a post on eczema? If you haven’t done experiments on it, maybe your readers have? I’ve done some self experimentation, but the only thing that really clears it for a few days is swimming in the ocean. Supplementing with Omega 3 flaxseed oil helps a little, bit but not much. All the doctors tell me the same thing – apply steroid cream. Googling for info on this topic pulls up a lot of spam/snake oils. I’m hoping maybe there is an easy solution, like your foot fungus cure. Thanks!

  2. @Matt,
    Have you tried really upping your saturated fat intake? Coconut oil is an excellent source. Try increasing the fats in your diet to 50%, most of that coming from saturated and omega-3 PUFA. Also try eliminating all grains for a month, in particular the ones with gluten, such as wheat.

    Check out

  3. Eliminating all grains (or at least all gluten grains) may require far more then just a month to get results. I went grain free 13 months ago and it took about 9 months (August this year) for my allergies and asthma to disappear. For people with damaged guts it may take even longer.

  4. Matt, I’ve done about four posts on eczema. Search this blog (search box is in right side column) for “eczema”.

    Anthony, sorry in China I can barely get YouTube.

  5. I read in a book recently that they planted a harmless parasitic worm (I think they said that pig farmers often have it from working with pigs, so they knew it was harmless) in 30 or so patients with Crohn’s disease, and about 20 of them saw their symptoms go away.

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