Best TV Season Ever

Here are my favorites (better to worse):

  1. Mad Men.
  2. Glee.
  3. Lie to Me.
  4. The Good Wife.
  5. Survivor.
  6. Amazing Race.
  7. Ugly Betty.

Most seasons I might like three shows as much or more than I like Ugly Betty this season. In most seasons Amazing Race would be in the top three. And 60 Minutes, Frontline, 30 Rock, and Modern Family are watchable. Lie to Me and The Good Wife have both managed to make a case-of-the-week show seem fresh, new, and complex.

4 Replies to “Best TV Season Ever”

  1. Thanks, Tom. I hadn’t heard of White Collar and have never seen an episode of V. I also like Entourage, Leverage, Top Chef Masters, American Idol, and The Bachelor/Bachelorette, which are now in hiatus or between seasons.

  2. V is a sci-fi show on ABC Tuesday nights. It’s a remake of a mini-series from a couple of decades ago. Aliens come to our planet with the message, “We’re from the government of another planet and we’re here to help you”. They even offer us universal health care. 😎

    White Collar is another one of those “characters welcome” shows on the USA Network. They seem to have a formula for cranking them out – Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Royal Pains.

    You can watch episodes at and

  3. I’m surprised that NBC’s much hyped Thursday night comedies didn’t make the list.

    Mad Men is an incredible show with a ridiculously low budget.

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