Preventing Childhood Asthma

This website — about how to prevent childhood asthma — placed an ad on the Drudge Report. Those ads aren’t cheap. Apparently the Environmental Protection Agency paid for it. It says to prevent asthma you should try to avoid all triggers. Whereas I think it’s better to deal with the oversensitivity, which I believe can be cured with dietary bacteria.

One Reply to “Preventing Childhood Asthma”

  1. You have an ad on your site promoting a “drug free world” which leads to a propaganda site about drugs. Please visit,, for an education on the drug war and what it’s costing us, particularly in terms of our young people.

    Marijuana is a miracle drug, hemp is a miracle fabric. The pharmaceutical industry is behind keeping marijuana illegal.

    As the mother of two teen boys, I agree that all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, must be kept out of the hands of our young people. The war on drugs has failed miserably on this front. We need a new tactic. Spreading lies about drugs won’t work. Kids are too smart for this, they know the truth.

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