This Blog Reduces Sinus Congestion (continued)

Tim Beneke writes:

After 21 days of eating a lot of yogurt [more than 16 ounces/day] and then 15 days of acidophilus pearls — 2 a day for the first 5 days and then 1 a day since, it’s very clear that I can breathe substantially better through my nose. This has been obvious for at least a couple of weeks — it still seems to be improving gradually. I feel it clearly when I breathe. And, rather dramatically, my sense of smell has returned. I got a severe sinus infection in 1972; since then, my nose has been fairly stuffed and my sense of smell weak. Now I’m living in a different olfactory universe.

For a few years, I’ve cleaned up 4 or 5 times a week after a bunch of feral cats that I feed. Until the last 3 weeks or so, I only used my eyes to spot the cat poop. Now I use my sense of smell a lot and often smell it before I see it. Another unpleasant example — I don’t flush my toilet after peeing to conserve water; by the end of the day it looks pretty funky, but I could barely smell its funkiness in the past. Now I smell it quite vividly and am more prone to flush it.

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  1. Nansen, no, that’s just the dose he started with — to make sure he got enough. Then he lowered it. I suspect that any dose will have some effect; the question I’m most interested in is how much do you need to eat to get the maximum effect. I’m pretty much in the dark about that except that at the moment two servings of yogurt per day is my best guess, for what it’s worth.

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