Acne Treatment Statistics

Cure Together has acne treatment statistics: Comparisons of the effectiveness of about a dozen treatments. Only two treatments rate high for effectiveness and both have only a few raters. Neither of the high-rated treatments (Roaccutane and Dr. Hauschka Skin Care) was part of Stone-Age life. Because of the absence of acne in at least a few groups of people living more Stone-Age-like (stoneagesque?) lives, it is likely that something about modern life causes acne. When whatever that is is figured out, it should be possible to eliminate acne cheaply and safely.

Regardless of the future, this table is a big step forward in dealing with the problem. It is the first unbiassed look at the effectiveness of different treatments I have seen and it tests a lot of everyday treatments (e.g., face-washing). Academic papers on the subject usually study prescription drugs and the authors usually favor one of the treatments being studied.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Seth! I find your theory of acne being a modern occurrence fascinating. As you noted, our goal at CureTogether is to bring patients together to share their expertise, not influenced by any medical or business interests. People know so much about their own conditions and what works and with enough data, statistics will be able to predict which treatment will work for any new patient with a particular set of symptoms. Think crowdsourced, personalized medicine. It goes along very well with your abundant expertise on self-experimentation!

  2. I love this post. Patients can work together to share their expertise to solve acne problems which is a problem to most people. As an individual you yourself knows your own acne problem and the experience you have and by sharing it people will learn more about how to cure acne. This only proves that “Two heads are better than one”.

  3. Good post, another thing to share with you is that answers at yahoo sometimes also can help regarding Acne. Talked about curing togehter lol.
    I must say I had very meager results with natural treatments.

  4. I’m a huge advocate of blue/red light acne therapy and want to get fellow sufferers to give it a go. I had acne for a miserable 15 years and it ruined my teenage and young adult years.

    Roacc was useful only for a few months but the acne returned. Light therapy, though, has worked a treat. Has anyone else tried it?

    I think the key is to make sure you discipline yourself to doing the therapy for 15 mins every day for the first two months and them reduce the frequency when your acne clears up.

  5. Long ago our family doctor explained that all topical treatments for acne were all rubbish, and that acne can be stopped in three or four days by taking about 20 milligrams of amino acid zinc, daily. My eighteen year old son had acne so bad that it was lumpy and bleeding. Just as the doctor predicted, in about four days his face was almost as smooth as mine…no more acne, but you must continue taking it. Now, a very absorbable form of zinc called zinc picolinate, can be found in many stores. AND there is no need to avoid chocolate, fried foods, etc. The zinc keeps body oil fluid as it approaches the skin. Without enough zinc, it begins to harden as it approaches the skin, and the oxygen in the air. Also, no blackheads, waxy lumps behind the ears, etc.

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