Do They Eat Dogs? (Continued)

In answer to the question “Don’t they eat dogs?” a blogger living in Taiwan stated flatly: “No. They don’t eat dogs.” Now, from a Beijing University student named Xiong Lilin, here is a definitive answer about Mainland China:

Yes, we do. But not every Chinese person eats dog and never for everyday meals. In some provinces, there are restaurants that serve dog meat in the winter. A few people will have one or two meals every year during the coldest days. Eating dog meat can make people warm and prevent colds. Although these kind of restaurants exist, they are disappearing. In fact, mutton has the same function as dog meat. In my home town, Chengdu, many people eat mutton on DONGZHI, the day winter begins according to the Chinese traditional calendar.

More In this New Yorker article, published today, Michael Savage, the radio host, contemplates eating dog. Xiong Lilin later wrote: “Yesterday, my roommate asked me what kind of dog we eat. She seems to think that we eat pet dogs. In fact, we do not eat pet dogs, the dogs we eat are raised specially for eating and belong to different kinds from the pet ones.”

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  1. In 2002, in Xian, in central China, I was served dog at a restaurant as part of a meal I was eating with a leading artist there and the Xian chief of police and some others in our group; there was also chicken and beef and other food, but dog meat was part of meal that was ordered by the artist. No one seemed to think twice about it. I ate a tiny bit, rather beefy and stingy as I recall… The restaurant was part of an entertainment park with miniature golf and fishing and other activities…

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