Shangri-La Diet for Pets

In March, Century posted this on the SLD forums:

I’d like to put my dog on SLD by giving him his calories through sugar cubes. Would that work?

The dog will whine constantly when he’s hungry. He’s pretty old, and at this point, we don’t have the heart to put him on a strict diet. The hope is that with SLD, we won’t have to choose between a happy dog and a healthy dog. If it works, he won’t whine after he’s been fed his normal serving.

Today he posted this:

It’s worked incredibly well. It’s gotten to the point where he won’t whine at all. If I don’t remember to feed him, he won’t eat anything. I haven’t been able to weigh him, so I don’t really know how much weight he has lost, but a number of people have commented on how much thinner he looks. I’ve started to cut back on the sugar.

Any doubt I’ve had that SLD is for real has been erased. It’s unreal how well it’s worked for the dog.

Thanks to Heidi.