Less of a Foodie

Two weeks ago I was in New York City. I have been there many times. For the first time, I was unexcited by the prospect of eating in the city’s fascinating restaurants. I think it’s all the fermented food I eat (at least two servings per day). All of it has complex flavors; all the New York restaurant food I liked had complex flavors. I am no longer complex-flavor-deprived.

5 Replies to “Less of a Foodie”

  1. next time you are in new york, try HANGAWI : korean vegetarian. They know how to ferment. Though at home japanese eat lots of fermented foods, miso and a bit of pickle is as far as it usually goes in japanese restaurants. Exported and restaurant -wise, korean is the ticket, because generally anything you order comes with a major spread of pickled things. Come to think of it… maybe that’s one of the reasons why korean-americans often tend to be notably chubby – because they aren’t getting enough kimchee!

  2. thanks for the recommendation. My first nice meal in New York this latest trip was at a Korean restaurant. There’s something about Korean food . . . I’ve been to Hangawi, but not in several years.

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