Too-Effective Way to Lose Weight?

Paul Rozin, a professor of psychology at Penn, found that people are reluctant to drink from a glass that contained a plastic cockroach. What would happen if people ate from a plate with a drawing of an insect?

Piatti sporchi = dirty plates. From a 2008 food design competition in Turin. (English description here.) The plates have pictures of a fly, a hair, a beetle, and a lipstick smudge. In a mass-market version, you could have a choice of insect sizes to control the amount of repulsion.

The competition was open to anyone. Most of the 50-odd entries were from students; a few were from professionals. This entry was from Sayonara Rush Design.

Thanks to Francesca Zampollo.

4 Replies to “Too-Effective Way to Lose Weight?”

  1. But once people get used to eating off of plates with pictures of bugs, what will happen when there’s a real bug on their plate?

  2. Or once people begin to associate delicious food with bugs… gotta go, just had an insight for a new business plan.

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