Umami Burger

A new restaurant with the excellent name Umami Burger has just opened in Los Angeles. According to The Foodinista, the food is as good as the name:

An attractive space with an attractive clientele. The tightly edited menu consists of 10 burgers, and a few sides including fries and a market salad. But, we’re told at 12:45 pm on a Tuesday afternoon, they’ve run out of buns. . . . amazing homemade ketchup . . . The beef patties on all of the above, really flavorful and just plain GOOD. I don’t know how they can make such a great burger and charge so little. . . . I’m telling you, the burgers are great.

Review by Jonathan Gold.
Thanks to Tucker Max.

4 Replies to “Umami Burger”

  1. I LOVE burgers. And this place isn’t too far from my home, probably a 15-20 min drive. I’ll definitely try it in the near future. Seth, if you are going to be in LA in the near future let me know and we can venture there together. It seems like a good place to celebrate our paper going into press.

  2. If you haven’t already, get a Father’s Office burger (Santa Monica and Culver City). Very high in umami cuz they use dry-aged beef.

    That burger will change your life.

    BTW that is the original burger copied by wannabe gastro-pubs all over Southern California and beyond.

  3. Man, I LOVE Father’s Office for both the burgers and the brew! Unami and fermented beverage at the same joint! I just wish they were open for lunch more days a week (currently only Friday and Saturday I think).

  4. Father’s Office burger owns Umami burger. Umami is good and has a nice variety, but none of em are as good as the classic Fathers Office Burger. Plus, they serve beer.

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