Shades of Homeopathy! Peanut Allergy Cured . . . With Peanuts

Doctors at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge gave four children tiny doses of peanut flour every day, gradually increasing the dose until now they can eat ten or more nuts a day.

Previously the children would have risked anaphylactic shock or even death if they accidentally ate even a trace amount of peanut.

The team say this is the first time that so-called desensitization treatment has been successful.

From the Telegraph. Notes: 1. No blinding. 2. No control group. 3. Started small (with 4 patients), now doing a larger study (18 patients). 4. Jewish kids in Israel have a 10-fold lower rate of peanut allergies than Jewish kids in the UK, according to a 2008 study. In Israel, peanuts are eaten at an earlier age.

Thanks to Oskar Pearson.

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