Kickbacks in Academia

Preston McAfee, a Caltech economics professor, writes:

These schmucks are offering a bribe to the professor for using their text. It had to happen, but students in courses using their books ought to be extremely irate — you should feel the same way if your physician took a bribe from a pharmaceutical company for giving you a prescription.


4 Replies to “Kickbacks in Academia”

  1. Yes, Seth. If.

    Not all doctors are immoral, ignorant drug peddling whores.

    While our training has certain glaring deficiencies, and as humans we are subject to confirmation bias and other forms of fallacious thinking(see you hernia story), M.D.s in general mean well, and few would ever accept a bribe in treating a patient.

    I read your blog regularly, and enjoy it. You clearly have biases of your own as well, but I take these into account when reading your work

    Of note, I am on week one of my shangri-la self experiment. if it works

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