Why Blog? Ask American Idol

From David Osmond, a failed contestant on American Idol: “I wish I had the opportunity to share what’s inside of me.”

I think that’s exactly the driving force behind blogging.

I used to teach introductory psychology. Large lecture class. I found I could often put whatever I was thinking about in the morning into my lecture. Blogging is easier.

More Jonathan Schwarz puts it like this: We have “desperation to express what our existence is like. Sometimes this comes out literally as singing, sometimes metaphorically.”

One Reply to “Why Blog? Ask American Idol

  1. Not all people feel a desperation to express what their existence is like. I certainly don’t. (In fact, I almost didn’t bother to post this fact about what my existence is like, but then I realized that selection bias would automatically tend to screen out individuals like me from making such comments. Down with selection bias!)

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