If Commercials Told Emotional Truth

…many of them, maybe all of them, would be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Thanks to my friend Carl Willat, you can now see such a commercial.

Carl makes commercials for a living but he made this one for fun. A labor of love. Not only did he (a) care about the product (Trader Joe’s), he had (b) great skill and (c) complete freedom. I think this combination is extremely rare and is why this commercial is utterly different from all other commercials I’ve ever seen.

My self-experimentation combined these three things, too. I studied (a) problems I cared a lot about (such as my poor sleep) with (b) the skills of a professional scientist and (c) total freedom. This combination, just as rare in science as in commercial art, explains to me why my self-experimentation seems so different than other research.

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3 Replies to “If Commercials Told Emotional Truth”

  1. Speaking of TJ, those “Airborne” things featured in the video clip are a scam.

    The company was obliged to pay out $millions, for fraud. The studies they cited on the label to support their claims turned out to be made up from whole cloth by the company founder. There’s probably nothing wrong with whatever it says is in there, although it’s probably nothing you don’t get otherwise anyway. Given that the founder is a proven crook, there’s every reason to guess that what the label says doesn’t match the contents, if it would cost anything to keep them aligned.

    I don’t know why TJ continues to stock them.

    What I really wonder about is the Buffalo Mozzarella. I hated giving that up, but how can we find out how much dioxin is in there?

  2. Just saying hi. I watched the commercial just now and loved it, and happened on your blog while googling Carl’s name.
    Looking forward to doing some blog digging here!

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