Shangri-La Diet on Facebook

An SLDer has created a Facebook page for SLD. Sophie Lorenne vividly writes:

My own personal story I will post here. I have lost 7 lbs in 3 days. I am amazed that with so little effort on my part that it’s actually working! The best part is that I’m no longer hungry. And trust me I was hungry all the time, by the time others have just started their first meal. I was on my 3rd meal.

I created this page to share with others my journey and to also create a support system for others.

Thanks, Sophie.

And thanks, Marian Lizzi, for telling me about this.

More Nassim Taleb has started a Facebook group called Make Bankers Accountable — a “J’accuse” by Roubini and Taleb. Great idea. Thanks to Dave Lull.

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