How Bad is LDL Cholesterol? (continued)

If LDL cholesterol level predicts heart disease then persons with low LDL should be better off than persons with high LDL. Here is what some Norwegian doctors did:

They simply selected sequential patients with LDL cholesterol scores below 2.7mmol/l. . . . They ignored all people with LDL concentrations from 2.7 to 4.5mmol/l but did enroll all people with an LDL >4.5mmol . . .  So they then had two groups of people, those at catastrophic risk of LDL-blocked-arteries and those with [very] little LDL . . . They did the scheduled angiography and checked how many patients had >70% blockage of at least two coronary arteries in each group.

Guess what: LDL cholesterol doesn’t matter. They recruited 47 patients with low LDL-C, of whom 21 had significant CAD. They got 46 high LDL-C patients, of whom 24 turned out to have CAD.

Thanks to Dave Lull.

How bad is LDL cholesterol?

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  1. Hyperlipid (to which you have linked for this post) is a wonderful site. Peter writes with humor, but really takes apart bad studies ruthlessly and skillfully. You can get a great education in physiology and nutrition just by reading the archives.

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