Making a Living in China

Several buildings are being built on the Tsinghua campus. At least one woman makes a living as a prostitute among the construction workers. She is known as Qikuaiban, which means seven and half yuan (about $1). The name came about when she offered her services to a worker, he said, “All I have is seven and a half yuan,” and she accepted that payment.

Happiness in China: Who wants to be a construction worker?

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  1. I met a prostitute on the streets of San Francisco many years ago and she was very interesting to talk with. She told me a lot about her life. She told me to buy clothes at this one store called “Hong Kong Fashions.” She told me the clothes there are for ladies and are in style. That is where she buys her clothes. I’ve been shopping there for 4 years! I always get great compliments on my clothes from Hong Kong Fashions, but it is expensive there. I believe it is worth it, though. The sales lady there always remembers me.

  2. putting the victorian era assumptions to the side for a second, isn’t it a little sad that this woman is called “one dollar”?

  3. when i was homeless in san francisco, i wanted to get into the sex business. i had contemplated being a prostitute and the prostitute i met in san francisco became a really good friend of mine. I met her several times while she was walking the streets and she told me how to get into her line of work. but i was afraid because it was illegal, but if it was a legal “job,” i think i would have tried it. i met a “madame” who wanted me to join her group of girls. i met the madame when i was homeless at the lark inn, a homeless shelter for young adults in san francisco.

    what i am trying to say is that maybe it seems sad to you, but maybe if you talked with the lady, you would think otherwise. maybe she has a good reason to be a prostitute and call herself “Qikuaiban.” Before I left san francisco to travel to boston, i almost learned how to be a stripper! being homeless in san francisco is one of my best memories….

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