I Love This

In late July, JemSparkles posted this to the SLD forums:

Ok so I have tried many diets. Here’s the list Jenny Craig (10 lbs lost but gained back), Atkins (3 months of phase 1 and nothing lost), Curves (1 year and 10 lbs lost), Herbal Magic, a multitude of diet pills, the Zone, and then simply working out non stop. The weight doesn’t want to come off. So here I am with the last attempt that sounds crazy enough to work! I bought the book and this is day two. I am going to start tracking my data and see if I get any results.

Here’s to hoping!!!

Ok so I weighed myself for the first time this morning and my starting weight will be 260lbs.

Two weeks later she posted this:

Ok so I haven’t seen the fast results that some have seen but I am seeing results which is what matters. And compared to any diet this has been super easy to keep up with.

Today she posted this:

254!!! Yes I am finally down a total of 6 pounds and starting to feel much better. I have been working really hard on this and am not giving up. This diet has been the most effective I have been on to date.

We now return to our regularly-scheduled blogging.