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From It’s Raining Noodles:

Before the next batch of snapshots and corresponding captions [on a screen at a fast food restaurant in Singapore] were revealed, a simple message against a plain background read, “To all the great and wonderful mothers out there…” as a sort of enigmatic prelude to the marvels to come, and because I am a cynical bitch with a very gloomy worldview, I asked out loud, “What about the other mothers?” To which Maria put on an affected frown as if she’d been hurt that her loved one was being left out by the onscreen message, and gleefully responded, “What about MY mom?”

More. Not to mention this:

The past three hours can only be adequately described by the word SIGH. Thinking that I was taking a step towards improving my relationship with God, no this is not a long preachy thing so please stay with me, I agreed to sit through a session thingy with a very Christian Mrs. In-Law and a very reluctant Neptune. . . . The sharing session was led by a heterosexual couple (why I am highlighting the heterosexual part will become evident later), and it was interesting because they had a different take on the religion from most that I’ve heard. In many ways it felt like a lecture in literature class, and for the most part I enjoyed it because of the different perspectives on the same ol’ concepts. . . . The only revelation for me, though, arrived when the female half of the heterosexual couple went on to preach that God gives up on people who insist on pursuing sin, such as idolatry and YES YOU GUESSED IT, homosexuality. She was all, “YES, HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG! God has given up on people like that.”

And I realised in that moment that God had probably just punished me by making me sit through three hours of this thingy thinking that MAYBE I had a shot at heaven when actually? ACTUALLY? NO CHANCE AT ALL. God has abandoned me to begin with right from the start. I’m damned forever. So I looked at Neptune and said, “God has given up on us!” and I was very sad. I find it very difficult to wrap my head around exactly why I deserve to go straight to hell when all I’ve done is fall in love with another person.

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