Science in Action: Why Did I Sleep So Well? (part 6)

On the SLD forums Heidi 555 posted this:

I’ve been standing on one foot on an inexpensive balance board or inflatable balance disc.  . . . I’ve been using the balance board while doing dishes and brushing my teeth. . . .

I feel good immediately afterwards.  I feel slightly better physically and emotionally. . . . I’m use to feeling better after I exercise, but typically it takes more intensive sustained exercise to get this effect.

I sleep well 60-70% of the time. . . . For the past 3 days that I’ve done the one-footed standing I’ve had excellent sleep.  Last night it was especially surprising because I went to bed emotionally distraught and stayed up slightly later than I intended.


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  1. I’d be very curious to know how many minutes per day you did it during the 3 days. I’ve now done it for about 6 minutes twice today, and find it relaxing. I wonder if it releases endorphins?

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