HDL and Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplementation raises HDL enormously, says William Davis:

Add vitamin D to achieve our target serum level . . . HDL jumps to 50, 60, 70, even 90 mg/dl.

The first few times this occurred, I thought it was an error or fluke. But now that I’ve witnessed this effect many dozens of time, I am convinced that it is real. Just today, I saw a 40-year old man whose starting HDL was 25 mg/dl increase to 87 mg/dl.

Responses like this are supposed to be impossible. Before vitamin D, I had never witnessed increases of this magnitude.

Thanks to Dave Lull.

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  1. Of course cholesterol levels below 100 are associated with higher mortality. The association is still unexplained, so doctors still exhort patients to get their cholesterol levels as low as possible… by using statins, of course.

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