Assorted Links

  1. The most trendy restaurant in America — which might be a good thing.
  2. Precognition from Kurt Andersen: “Expect . . . years to pass with no posts.”
  3. Leonard Mlodinow talks at Google.
  4. Intermittent Fasting, the blog.
  5. Escaping the Amish, a fascinating interview by Tim Ferriss.
  6. What your stuff says about you: Google talk by Sam Gosling.

Thanks to Michael Bowerman.

2 Replies to “Assorted Links”

  1. Great links, thanks!

    I particularly liked the talk by Sam Gosling, and ordered his book. Some interesting insights.

    He says that you can’t get much information about someone from one observation, that you need to put together a number of data points. This reminds me of gene analysis, where knowing one alelle for an individual doesn’t give you much information, but from 100 alleles you can make a number of predictions with high probability of being right.

    I don’t agree with Gosling’s conclusion that some people are inherently messy, even though they want to be neat and organized. My experience is that a lot of being organized comes from training and learning good techniques: I know my life was changed by two books, Marla Cilley’s Sink Reflections and David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Allen’s rule is to do things that take less than 2 minutes right now, instead of putting them off. Just following this one rule makes a dramatic difference, and it isn’t hard to do.

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