Calorie Learning: Procedure

In the first experiment, I created a butter mixture with a random flavor and spread it on two pieces of bread, which I ate and rated.

To create the butter mixture with a random flavor, I took 1/2 stick of butter and heated it in a microwave until it was soft. Then I randomly selected four of the 11 Penzeys spice blends and mixed 1/2 tsp of each into the butter.

For each trial, I spread a thin layer of the butter on two pieces of the bread, which was at room temperature. I ate them in a minute or so. I rated how good they tasted on a scale where

90 = very good
80 = quite good
75 = good
70 = somewhat good
60 = slightly good
50 = neutral
40 = slightly bad

I’ve used this scale to rate food dozens of times. Sometimes the rating changes with successive tastes; if so, the assigned rating is the maximum.

After eating the bread I waited at least an hour before eating anything else or brushing my teeth in order to to eliminate interference from other smells.

I did no more than one trial per day. On most days I did a trial.

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  1. Have you considered extracts for another set of flavors? You would be amazed at the number of different extract flavors they sell at cake-decorating stores.

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