Want to Self-Experiment? A Special Offer

I’d like to increase the ability of self-experimenters to tell others what they’ve done and get feedback. Blog software can be used to do this.

Instead of posting again and again, as in the usual blog, you just post a few times then edit those posts as you collect new information. Instead of post = diary entry, the concept is post = section of scientific paper. You might have posts corresponding to Introduction, Equipment, Procedure, Raw Data, Data Summary, Interpretation, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Comparison to Other Work. You start by writing the Introduction. As the raw data comes in, you add it to the Raw Data post. After you finish collecting the raw data, you write the Data Summary post. And so on.

Here is the start of an example.

The special offer is that if you want to do a self-experiment and are willing to communicate your results in this form, I will — time permitting — help you do it and write it up and will link to the blog you create. To take advantage of this offer, write me at twoutopias at gmail dot com. Tell me what you want to do and your relevant background. Deadline: Sunday, February 24.

2 Replies to “Want to Self-Experiment? A Special Offer”

  1. The sounds a bit more like something you would put in a wiki to me. Have you seen scholarpedia.org?

    I suppose scholarpedia is a little more formal since it is peer-reviewed.

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