Jobbook Diary

I asked my mom, a retired librarian, if she could find some good librarian blogs to add to She found four, but she wanted me to add them to the home page. She didn’t know how to edit wikis and she didn’t want to learn.

If you have trouble, I said, something is wrong. (My mom is more computer-literate than I am. She was using email before 99.9% of the rest of us — before me, for example. Her mom told her in the 1950s that computers were going to be a big thing.)

She reluctantly agreed to try. She clicked on edit on the home page, which brought up an edit box. To add her line, she erased everything in the box. You don’t want to do that, I said. Hit the delete key, I said. To demonstrate — this was over the phone — I hit the delete key on my screen. Oops, the whole page was gone!

I couldn’t figure out how to restore it. Which shows how much I know about wikis. I emailed Aaron and he fixed it. You restore a page, it turns out, by going to the history page, clicking the edit link for the version you want, and Save-ing it.

Page restored, my mom tried again. She successfully added a line for librarian with a blog link. However, she had found four blogs she liked, so it seemed like a good idea to add more links, if only to make the point that there could be more than one link per line. Since there were no pre-existing examples of multiple links per line, it wasn’t obvious how to do this. I think you do it like this, I said:

librarian: [blog] (address) [blog] (address)

Correct, it turned out. Now the issue is how to separate links. They now appear on the page separated by one space, which isn’t enough, my mom thinks. I don’t know how to increase the spacing but maybe Aaron does.

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  1. In that context you’d probably use commas to separate the items. Another suggestion would be the make the link text more descriptive (i.e. instead of just “blog”, “Name of the blog”).

  2. I have always said Wikipedia is not that simple to edit and that is a reason why is not even bigger. There are thousands of people unable to edit such a mess of Wikitext.
    Nowadays is crazy that Wikipedia can not admit simpler editions.

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