Advances in Retailing: Penny-Free Store

Alko Office Supply, a small Berkeley store, is penny free: If you pay cash, prices are rounded down to the nearest nickel. I have never seen this anywhere else nor had the store clerk I asked. They thought of it themselves, she said. Farmer’s market prices are always rounded down to the nickel or dime, in my experience. Here and there I have made small credit card purchases (< $20) with no signature required. Addendum: Wikipedia entry on penny elimination. A penny protester.

One Reply to “Advances in Retailing: Penny-Free Store”

  1. I’ve seen this more then 10 years ago in norway, prices would be rounded to avoid the very small change.
    But as far as I remember there it had been a goverment thing to get rid of the small coins since they had been virtually worthless and quiet expensive to produce.

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