Omega-3 Greatest Hits

My main posts about omega-3 are:

why I became interested
historical background
the Israeli Paradox
fat and anesthesia
the clouded crystal ball
omega-3 and cancer
unclear effects on heart disease
prison experiment

equipment to measure balance
new measures
how best to measure balance
a new test
better measures
hand placement
letter-counting test
circle test

practice effects
balance experiment (high-omega-3 fats vs low-omega-3 fat)
arithmetic (guest post)
arithmetic (continued)
first results with new measures
time-of-day effect
what’s the best dose?
flaxseed oil vs. olive oil (balance)
flaxseed oil vs. olive oil (memory-scanning)
flaxseed oil vs. olive oil (digit span)
flaxseed oil vs. nothing (balance)
flaxseed oil vs. nothing (arithmetic)
a surprise
time course (1st try)
time course (2nd try, plus egg surprise)
time course (very short experiment)
time course (circle test)
flaxseed oil: 2 T/day vs. 1 T/day (arithmetic test)

sleep effect?
placebo effect?
overall discussion
source of injury-causing falls?
what the results mean
gum surgery cancelled
dental health
sports injuries (part 1)
sports injuries (part 2)
sports injuries (part 3)
sports injuries (part 4)

Overall Summary
abstract of conference talk

5 Replies to “Omega-3 Greatest Hits”

  1. how many g’s of omega-3 would you recommend taking per day? do you think it matters what form it comes in (flaxseed oil, fish oil supplements, real fish, etc.)?

  2. I haven’t gotten far enough to answer your excellent questions. I can only say that 3 tablespoons/day of flaxseed oil seems to produce better results than 2 tablespoons/day.

  3. seth,
    Ar you looking at the ratio between omega-3 and omega-6? Since omega -6 helps the blood clot and is part of the imflammatory process (CHD), I am interested in the ratio. Do you test both? What methodology do you use?
    have you heard of Mondello or Michael Pollan?

  4. See the post called The Israeli Paradox for information about omega-6. I haven’t yet deliberately varied omega-6 but I expect to in the future. I’ve heard of Michael Pollan but not Mondello.

  5. I have found taking omega 3 fish oil supplements more effective when taken with salty food than when taken with unsalted food.

    If I take fish oil with a salty meal, the improvement in my concentration, articulacy and mood is noticeably larger than when I take fish oil with a zero salt breakfast of muesli and full fat milk.

    I have noticed this effect many times. Anyone else?

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