On Scientific Method

When I visited George Mason University recently, I asked Tyler Cowen, “What’s the secret of a successful blog?” Cowen and Tabarrok’s Marginal Revolution is the most successful blog I know of.

His answer: “Three elements: 1. Expertise. 2. Regularity. 3. Recurring characters, like a TV show.” By regularity he meant at least 5 times/week.

I saw I had considerable room for improvement. Since then, I’ve tried to post at least twice/week. With this post I am adding scientific method to the subtitle, which I hope makes me appear more expert. A Berkeley philosophy professor named Paul Feyeraband wrote a book that I thought is called On Method but that I see is actually called Against Method. He was at Berkeley when I arrived. I remember two things about him: 1. He gave all his students A’s. 2. He ate at Chez Panisse every night.

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